Explore the glorious views of Munnar, sink into the blissful mother nature , go for a joyful trekking ride into the bellies of the magical Munnar. Trekking is a sure fun that anybody with an adventure spirit just cannot miss in Munnar.  Munnar  will  take your breath away ,literally and figuratively.There are tons of gorgeous trekking trails with unbelievable scenic beauty in Munnar.


Meesappulimala is one of the highest peak in Munnar and is a popular tourist spot for anytime. Meesappulimala is filled with tea and spice plantations. This place contributes a major chunk to Munnar economy. It is a glorious sight to watch snow building in the divine earth of this scenic place.


Located in the bison valley, Chokramudi is a lush green valley full of scenic beauty. Early morning is the best time for a good old trekking trail. You need to carry to sufficient water because the twists and turns here can be quite challenging for you. The trek is perfect if you are a little bit into the adventure spirit.  The views on the hill top are amazing. You get to see a lot of animals roaming around too. Chokramudi is also perfect for camping. It will be best to hire an experienced guide with you if you are a beginner. If you can spare quite a bit stamina, chokramudi is a wonderful experience.


This amazing trekking trail starts at Thondimala and  leads you through the cardamom forests of  Santhapura , a densely growing cloud forest  towards a mystical place of picturesque view. The shola forests are wild rainforests where a lot of endemic animals like Malabar giant squirrel, gaur, elephants and sambhar reside.   If you are lucky you will get a view of these animals. Take your lunch packed with you. Take sufficient water and refreshments too as it can get a long trek.


Lekshmi hills is located about 3km from Munnar and blesses its visitors with an afresh mind and lightened body . The path leading up to the hill and the hilltop itself is a scenic view that one won’t forget in his or her life. Lekshmi hills will give its trespassers a thrilling and exciting experience, one they will not get just anywhere else in the world. It is not quite tall as Meesappulimala but the roads leading to hilltop can give many great views and experiences. The panorama will keep you rooted to the spot. The total trekking distance is about 23 kms and it can get quite challenging too. During descend one can enjoy the Pallivasal and  Anchal areas views. Unlike other places , Lekshmi hills are not that crowded.


Kolukkumalai is the largest organic tea estate in the world. There are tea factories around here where tea is processed  traditionally. Starting from Kurangini hills, the trek leads us through a scenic pathway of gorgeous voice and cool atmosphere. There are about forty to fifty hair pin bends all covered with green canopy after which you reach area full of pine trees. Located above 6800 feet above sea level Kolukkumalai provides some excellent views. You can reach Suryanelly by jeep or bus after which there is no road. You should carry sufficient water, change of clothes for two days and sunscreen or sunglasses, toiletries and necessary medication, for a safe trip.


Chititrapuram hills offer you plentiful views like Ramaswamy dam waterfall. This is a beautiful trekking trail which displays a vast variety of plant species like pepper, guava and vanilla. You should take a guide with you as some of the pathways can be quite confusing. Otherwise, the landscapes will give you stunning views that will make you want to stop and stare forever.Apart from these hotspots, there are also a tons of places in Munnar for a good trek like chummar ,Kannan Devan hills and Anamudi.All in all, munnar beckons you with a chalice of treasures and will give you wonderful memories for a lifetime.

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