Nights in Munnar are exotic and mesmerizing. One cannot just waste it pitches in their tent. Come and explore the ravishing Munnar in the magic of night with an amazing night jungle safari.We have experienced drivers who can take you for a ride through the quiet and dazzling forests, enjoying the wildlife and experiencing the chilly night. Many animals are better spotted in night.

Night safaris in Munnar are a unique experience which will leave quite a memory in you. You can see elephants, deers, tarhs, rabbits, foxes, squirrels and tons of other animals under the aery sky and cool blue moonlight. You can enjoy very nice vistas all along.  The dark trees and night flowers are music to the eyes.Guides will give you all the information you need to know about Munnar.  Things could get scary exciting as the ride proceeds and one will never be bored. The waterfalls dancing under dark sky is another view that will keep you rooted to the spot.

Transportation will entirely be in a safe private jeep, and you will be provided snacks and water, too.Munnar night safari packages will come at an amazingly reasonable price. Anyone can afford a good night safari with their family or group of friends without worrying about cost.So, come to Munnar, get on the jeep, and make the most unforgettable experience of your life.


Our drivers will pick you up at sharp 10 in the night . You can enjoy a full 5 hour safari for the night. You will be safely bought back at your residence by the time dawn breaks.


  • You can experience the stunning nocturnal wildlife all throughout the ride. Elephants are common sights at night.
  • You can see packs of deers roaming through the night
  • You can see small animals like rabbits and foxes.
  • The trees buried under moonlight is a gorgeous display
  • The waterfalls are sure place to take a break and enjoy the view.
  • Munnar tea plantations are never a dull sight especially at night.
  • The chill night air will keep you energized all along.


  • Always keep 2 0r 3 water bottles with fresh water with you.
  • Take mosquito repellants with you if you don’t particularly like their kiss.
  • Be fully clothed. There could be all kinds of insects in the jungle whose bite could be poisonous.
  • Wear full shoes or boots for if you ever feel the need to walk.
  • Wear mufflers or hats. It might get chilly
  • You can wear ear muffs if you want to protect anything from going into your ear.
  • Always make sure the vehicle is in fine condition before you start the ride.
  • Make sure your electronic devices like phones are fully charged.
  • Take adequate food with you.


June to September is the perfect time for a quiet vacation in munnar. Munnar       nights are generally nice and quiet. It won’t get much colder than you can handle.   Be prepared for the rain though.


Since it is a night safari there is no point in bringing a camera with you. Flash photography is not permitted, but you can enjoy taking some snaps in your mobile phone if you want, in the little light which is available. Do not worry. Night safaris are not about taking photographs anyway. Sit back, enjoy the ride and take in the munnar.


There are a load of fun activities to do in a munnar night safari should you choose to do so.  A late night campfire and some cooking can refresh you. You can feed the animals if you get close enough to them. You can take a dip in the cool lake and enjoy the waterfall, if you want to.  You can simply ditch your vehicle and go on a walking trail by foot, too.Just remember to let your adventure flag fly and do not hesitate to explore the wonderful woods of munnar.

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