Trekking In Munnar

Trekking is a truly unforgettable experience which can make you come closer to the nature and enjoy both its wilderness and beauty. It also brings you into touch with the local culture and traditions of indigenous people. Although, it is said that trekking is not for everybody, it can be such a fun activity if proper precaution is taken so that one does not get lost in the woods or encounter any sort of danger. One notable point everybody who treks should keep in mind is that the environment should not be threatened or polluted under any circumstance. Otherwise you are allowed to savor the joy of mountain woods and explore nature as much as you want.


Seems like nature beckons you in slow motion and you cannot resist the temptation.


The animals wander around the valley, making you baffled by their symphony with the nature

Munnar Wildlife Safari

Munnar is blessed with its vast range of flora and fauna. Munnar is home to a large number of animal and bird species. These animals wander around the valley, making you baffled by their symphony with the nature. They can give any pose for you, anytime, just keep your eyes open as you drive through the wilderness and explore. Experienced and resourceful drivers will take you into the spectacular bellies of Munnar and you will end up having the best time of your life. You can switch off your mind anytime you want from the mundane daily life and nestle into the lap of nature.

Camping In Munnar Hills

Camping is always fun no matter who you are travelling with, be it friends or family. Munnar is the ideal place for camping in south India. There are tons of picnic spots in munnar like mattupetty dam ,hydel park , attukad waterfall and eravikulam national park. You can pitch the tent anywhere on the picture perfect landscapes of munnar and you won’t be disappointed. The campers can bird watch, trek as well as enjoy the roaming carefree animals all the time. The chummar and Kannan devan hills are places that can entice you with their magnificent beauty. Chithirapuram and Lakshmi hills will provide you an experience like no other. But do not forget about pallivasal, devikulam and anamudy.


A perfect season for a perfect camp


Today sounds cool. Let’s go biking.

Mountain Biking

If you are a tad inclined to adventure sporting ,biking across the misty and mesmerizing valleys will be a next level experience to you. You are going to love the fresh cool mountain air, aggressively blanketing your face as you soar through, undisturbed. Munnar is an absolutely perfect place for explorers. It would seem like nature simply beckons you in slow motion and you cannot resist the temptation. While there are loads of ideal places to bike in munnar , chokramudi hills is one of the best spots for a nice capsule adventure.

Boat Riding Munnar Rivers

Nothing can refresh a tired mind like a good adventurous boat ride. Munnar is the meeting place of three prominent south Indian rivers namely, Muthirappuzha , Nallathanny and Kundaly. The placid lakes and never ending rivers give you an ample opportunity for boat riding. Mattupetty Lake is one such lake where you can take a soothing boat ride enjoying the evening sun. Munnar offers you some great boating tours at a very affordable price. Kundala Dam Lake is famous for pedal boating. If you are in for a romantic getaway , you can enjoy a magical night of boat riding under the quiet sky with no one to disturb you but the stars


The placid lakes and never ending rivers.


Explore munnar, discover bliss

Elephant Safari

Elephant safari is one of the most popular highlight of Kerala tourism. People anywhere from the world can take an immediate liking to elephant safari as soon as they set for it. You can explore the exotic nature of Munnar from no less than the back of the most majestic animal in the land. It is a thrilling and amazing experience you just do not want to miss. There is a lot for Munnar to show you and a lot more yet to be discovered. Pat up the adventurer in you and show him or her a good time.